About Birch Harbor Lighting

Birch Harbor Lighting Chesapeake Bay MD

Headquartered on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, the Birch Harbor Lighting team has decades of experience developing energy efficient LED lighting products made with industry-leading quality components.  All Birch Harbor Lighting products are UL listed and are backed by our manufacturer warranty.  We take pride in creating customer-focused LED light solutions that are easy to install, multifunctional, and long lasting.

We believe in providing environmentally conscious solutions that consume less energy than traditional light fixtures.  Our eco-friendly packaging is easily recyclable, and our products feature energy efficient, low-draw LEDs.

Expertly designed for small to medium sized projects, our products include everything you need for a stress-free DIY installation.  Sophisticated illumination projects in the home are easy and effortless with Birch Harbor Lighting LED lights.